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We have seen first-hand how these 'foot soldiers' get abused and where payments never arrive because suddenly the installer has carried out an EPC and the annual cost savings isn't enough for the measure they are installing.


Intelligent Global - Air Source

At Intelligent Global Power every qualified lead will have a measure that can be installed and in turn providing the revenue for payment for those who have generated such a lead.

We introduce a matchmaker service to all those lead surveyors who join our network at no cost as long it is our accredited member who purchase such a lead. Enjoy the benefit of collaboration where a variety of measures are required which may be beyond the scope of an individual supplier.

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Best Selling Options

Solar PV

Solar PV is, by far, the technology which has experienced the highest increase in its uptake over the period 2009-2013. Solar PV panels prices have undergone an unprecedented downward fall, financial incentives to encourage the uptake of small scale solar PV have been introduced over this period and solar has the advantage of scaling easily.

Biomass Boiler

The market for biomass power plants boomed over the 2009-2013 period in the UK largely because of the introduction of the non-domestic RHI in November 2011.
With a further introduction of Domestic RHI April 2014 Biomass Boilers are set to explode.

Biomass Boiler & Solar PV

The market for biomass power plants continued to boom over the 2012-2013 periods in the UK with a 65% increase largely because of the introduction of the non-domestic RHI in November 2011. This growth is expected to accelerate in years to come. Solar PV continued to benefit from FITs as well as the launch of crowd funding platforms to help scale-up existing solar PV systems.
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